“Karl is the best classical guitar teacher Columbus, Ohio has to offer. His ability to perceive the minutiae of technical  issues as well as fine details of phrasing and musicality in his students’ playing simply is more than one could expect of typical music-shop instruction. Time spent in Karl’s studio is the equivalent of money well spent.”

Eugene B.

“His tone and interpretation mark Karl as the best classical guitarist in the area [Columbus, Ohio]. His vast knowledge of guitar history, repertoire and technique, in tandem with his ability to channel it to his students effectively and efficiently, make Karl the area’s best classical guitar instructor.”

Joe R.

“I found that [Karl] can identify and deal with technical problems in people with bad habits, such as myself, so that my sound gets ever more satisfying, and has in addition an ability to illuminate the notes with his fine musical sense. Students can learn from his experience with and openness to different forms of musical expression and his view that fulfillment is more important than competition. His recent introduction of group lessons is an example of his exploratory approach.”

Brenda W.

“Nothing is more important to an aspiring musician than his/her “musical ear,” i.e., listening skills. Through study with Karl, I’ve observed a significant improvement in my “musical ear” and also am able to recognize future development of those skills.”

Andy R.

“Karl’s methods are an inspired mix that encourages technical skill development and evokes artistic expression.”

Madelon R.

Columbus’ Finest Guitar Instruction

My unique approach to classical guitar instruction integrates weekly individual lessons with a monthly Group Lesson. Each student is encouraged to find a personal voice through the instrument through a highly individualized approach to studying technique and repertoire.  I tailor my instruction to each student’s individual needs and desires.  My students often play together in duos, trios and quartets, and perform twice a year in public recitals. Please read on for more details, and feel free to contact me at 614.405.2300 or through E-Mail concerning any questions about lessons.

While all ages are welcome, I specialize in providing quality instruction for the serious adult amateur student.

Students of any playing level are welcome.

Instruction in other styles (jazz, pop/rock, folk) is also available on a limited basis.


•Individual Lessons: $60 per hour.

•Group lessons: $20

•Payment is to be made for the entire month’s tuition at the first lesson of each month


In addition to regularly scheduled weekly lessons, each student will attend a Group Lesson each month.  The Group Lessons are usually held during the last week of each month, during which there are no private lessons.

Absences: Students should provide at least 24 hours notice if they are unable to attend a lesson. If proper notice is given, credit may be provided toward the student’s next month’s tuition, but can only be granted for one missed lesson per month.  No credit will be given for Group Lesson tuition.

Make-Up Lessons: I’m sorry, but I am unable to schedule make-up lessons due to my teaching and performing commitments.


Online lessons also available via Zoom. Contact me for details.

New Student Welcome

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Lesson #2

Lesson #3

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