Karl Wohlwend Discography

A Classical Guitar Christmas

Karl Wohlwend

After years of being prodded, this Grinch McScrooge finally recorded some Christmas favorites. Simple arrangements of pleasant tunes…you’ll love it! (2021).


Karl Wohlwend

This companion work to the Passacaglie (2012) contains the first section of the book: chaconne, six suites, and folias (2020).


Karl Wohlwend

This two-disc set contains the first-ever recording of the entire cycle of Angiol Michele Bartolotti’s 24 Passacaglie. This landmark work from 1640 may be the earliest-published occurrence of a cycle of pieces in all keys (2012). The music is performed on a replica instrument by Chad Neal based on a French guitar from 1680.

Guitaromanie, Vol. 2

Karl Wohlwend & Stanley Yates

Music for Two Guitars by Ferdinando Carulli: 3 Serenades Op. 96, Duos Dialogues Op. 34 No. 1-3, Variations Russe Op. 110 (2016).


Karl Wohlwend & Stanley Yates

Period Guitar arrangements by Ferdinando Carulli of music by Beethoven, Haydn, Mozart and Rossini (2014).

The Frame

Karl Wohlwend & Kimberlee Goodman

Karl Wohlwend with flutist, Kimberlee Goodman, this recording features intriguing music for flute and guitar, including the world-premiere recording of The Frame, written for and dedicated to the EOS Duo by Garrett Ian Shatzer (2013).

Out of Italy

Karl Wohlwend

Including performances of Preludes by Francesco Molino, Op. 20 Caprices of Luigi Legnani, Etudes by Giulio Regondi, and featuring, the first-ever recording of the Op. 11 Caprices by Marco Aurelio Zani de Ferranti (2011).

Karl Wohlwend, Guitar

Karl Wohlwend

Including performances of Seis por Derecho by Antonio Lauro, Five Preludes by Heitor Villa-Lobos, Elegy by Johann Kaspar Mertz, Andante quasi passacaglia and toccata by Nikita Koshkin, and Suite, BWV 1006a – J.S. Bach (2009).

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