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The Guitaromanie Podcast, hosted by Karl Wohlwend, features fascinating guests from all facets of the wide world of classical guitar in casual conversations about their experiences and observations. Unusual experiences, careers, the new, the old…let’s explore!

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53. Laura Mazon Franqui Guitaromanie (Laura Mazon Franqui) might be young, but she's already built a pretty impressive career. She has some great ideas about what it means to be an artist, and we talk about her fascinating journey from Cuba to Miami to LA, and other points all over the world. Keep an eye out for her…she's setting the world on fire!
  1. 53. Laura Mazon Franqui
  2. 52. Guitaromanie First Year Anniversary Bash!
  3. 51. Robert Thompson
  4. 50. Frederic Hand
  5. 49. Duo Noire
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